People always do this. They judge the book by its cover. As a person with physical disability, I can realize the core meaning of that quote, “Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover.”

In Bangladesh, we don’t have the adequate example of well-established Person with Disability. Most of the PWDs of Bangladesh are striving to get the basic needs of life and their families are poor or under the poverty line. Urban PWDs are privileged but they are very few in number. So mass people have depicted a scenario that Persons with disability are poor, most of them are the beggar and they are not worthy of the upper class of the society.

Furthermore, society judges others according to their dresses and outlook. It creates a social imbalance between the person with disability and person without the disability.

As I mention earlier, I’m a person with the physical disability. I did my Honors and Masters from Institute of Education and Research, University of Dhaka. I was an employee of NFOWD (National Forum of Organizations Working with the Disabled). After that, I worked for various organizations as Assistant Consultant, Coordinator (Non-Technical), and more. However, my those educational qualification and employment experience failed to create a positive personality of mine. People judge me according to my outlook.

They treat me as a beggar so they try to give money to me. Even sometimes many watchmen prevented me from entering the Restaurant or Shopping Mall or bank or some specific office.

My those experiences didn’t bother me or didn’t cost any lose for me. But nowadays I’m getting some negative attitude from most of the employer. They judge me according to my physical disability, aftermath they don’t want to believe that I can do the job. Although you can count me as a computer expert, I’m working for Free Software (Free as in Freedom), I worked for a voluntary organization to promote Free Software among general computer user, but they asked me whether I can work as “Computer Operator” or not. At the end of the day, they didn’t give any chance as I can prove myself.

My last experience is the worst in my life. I attended practical and viva exam of a job in the University of Dhaka. I got to know that I do the top in the both exam. However I know, I will never get the job. Why?

Because during my viva exam I being asked by one of the board members, “Can you get up on the third floor?’ Although our Viva exam held on the second floor and I managed it fluently. My answer was, “Yes I can because I’m living on the second floor. During my university life, I had to get up the third floor and I did this without any trouble.”
I know what does it means. It means they don’t want to believe me. They don’t think that a person with the physical disability can be an active employee in their office. Even, when I meet the VC of the University of Dhaka, he asked me the same question.

I know, at the end of the day I will not get the job.

People will always judge me according to my outlook.

I wish if I could ask those board members if they read the quote, “Don’t Judge the Book by its Cover.” If they, then what they learn from it?

– – –

Some ignorant people can’t stop my journey! I’m preparing myself for something bigger. I always tried to prove myself whatever I did in my life. I want to show the society even a PWD has extraordinary talent. They can use their brain to show the creativity of their own.

I know, Allah is with me. One day I will win this race.