Initial Words:

Undoubtedly computer is the most pleasurable toy for me. I liked to, I like to and I will like to play with every other tool of my computer. If you want to play and want to show your creativity, I think, graphic software is the best tool to play with in this regard. I had the experience to use Photoshop and some others graphics tool. Among them, had the best remarkable memory.

What is is a freeware raster graphics editor program for Microsoft Windows, developed on the.NET Framework1.

Simply, It’s a photo editing and digital drawing/art software which is only available for Windows Platform. [If you need an alternative to for GNU/Linux based OS you can use Pinta.2]

How I Found It?

As I mention earlier, I like to play with the computer for mine entertainment. When I got my internet connection, my enjoyment became double because it was easy for me to find many other tools for a single job. For instance, to play multimedia I installed more than 15 software on my PC. When I searched for graphical software or drawing software better that MS Paint I found Photoshop and other popular software. But they were/are complicated to learn. Those kinds of Softwares are not for small needs. From the beginning, I was searching for a simple software which is better than MS Paint but easy to use for the pencil sketch or drawing. Suddenly I found the name in a blog post of Microsoft.

Glorious Memory:

Since then, still, I have an extreme affection for I used it during my Practice Teaching.

I taught students with Hearing Impairment who were hard of hearing. That means they can hear anything after using Hearing aid with the loud voice. To teach that kind of kids you need a lot of pictures. I used this software to create my teaching aid.

It was an awesome experience for me. My mentor loved my teaching aid and some of the teachers of HICare School asked me to create some extra teaching aid for them. Even I made some extra teaching aid for my friends too.

Last Words:

I know I can’t forget this image editing tool although nowadays I’m fascinated with GIMP (GNU Image Manipulating Program3). However, I’m learning a new tool called MyPaint4 which is familiar for Drawing. It’s suitable for those people who love live stroke or brush stroke in a wide canvas. I’m fascinated for Sketch Drawing. I want to learn this through MyPaint.

|| If you are a GNU/Linux based OS user you can use another tool called Krita5 for Digital Drawing. It’s more popular than MyPaint, although both are for different work. Another popular software is Pencil2D6 which is well-known for animation rather than Drawing. I don’t have any experience to use both of them. ||