Most of the peoples don’t know #Facebook and #Google_Plus are not a similar social platform and why people use #Twitter.

If you search, you will find more than 100 popular social media people are using to connect with each other and to meet their needs. Even #Youtube is now considering as a social media! Most of the Facebook or Twitter user don’t know #Wordpress blog is also connecting people and many of us consider it as a social platform. A blog can promote views and can exchange ideas more organised way than any other social site. Perhaps blogging is the last option for social media user, because it needs more time, thinking power, more research on the topic and you have to be ready for counter comments from prominent blog users.

However, the blog is not my topic to discuss. Let’s focus on social media.

For instance, #Instagram is known for its photo sharing characteristic. Twitter is a microblogging social site where You have to express yourself within 140 keyboard character. Twitter is popular for its news and media sharing option. Most of the breaking news circulate here first. In short, they all are different and for serving different interest.
Most of the common Facebook users accuse Twitter of limit the scope for details writing. It’s like accusing an ice-crime parlour why they don’t have pizza! Similarly, #Facebook and #Google_Plus are not alike. Google Plus is a public sharing site, its features are different than Facebook and obviously, settings are not same too. If you ask for a private setting in Google Plus like Facebook it would be like you are asking for a private place in a public gathering like Stadium.

If you are Happy with Facebook, it’s ok. Facebook has its own resources to satisfy you. I have to admire their services.

The problem is when you try to justify other social media according to Facebook. I don’t have any account on Facebook. When people ask for my facebook account I refer them to my #Hangout or Google Plus or Twitter account. When I do this, they simply express, “Twitter don’t have limitless writing option like Facebook or Google plus don’t have the private setting. Why do you use them?”

According to my this experience, I thought It would be fun to write something for Facebook Users.