We, the maximum Muslims, have misconceptions about #Islam either negative or positive. If you don’t have a clear view of Islam, if you can’t quote from Quran or Hadith instantly, how you will be able to depict the real face of the Islam to others?
Most of the time we try to impose our opinion on Islam. Our opinion doesn’t matter, matter is what Quran and Hadith Say.
One of the most repulsive terms is “Moderate Islam.” It’s a fabrication of western world. There have nothing like “Moderate Islam” or “Moderate Muslim.” Matter of Fact is whether you are a practising Muslim or not. Notice that, I’m using “Practising” because Islam is not only a religion, it’s a complete code of life, you have to practice it from morning to night in your life to get the real output of it. If someone is following the instruction of Quran and Hadith strictly it doesn’t mean that s/he is backdated or doesn’t fit in this modern society. If I’m strictly following the instruction of the Law and Policy of my country, am I a fundamentalist? Am I not appropriate for the society? I don’t think so.
Don’t believe what western media say about Islam. Try to find the answer of your own from Quran and Hadith. Read them, learn them, spread them, you will win against all of your opposition.
Don’t forget it, Islam is a practising religion. Best practice is Reading Quran and Hadith daily.
If your soul is enlighted, you can enlight others, if your soul is obscure you can understand what should you have to do first.