At the beginning stage of my Drupal learning, I faced a strange problem which was first in my life. After deleting a module with the help of command line, when I visited my site it was nothing but a white page! I didn’t know what to do to solve that problem. I consulted with others and among them, Shadhin Bhai told me how to get PHP errors to show. When I saw the error I found that I deleted a module without disabling it.

It was an important lesson for me. If you are going to learn Drupal or any other CMS, it’s good to see the PHP error to find the mistake.

So, how to show PHP errors? Let’s see.

I’m from Linux Mint and beneath steps should be same for all GNU/Linux Distros based on Ubuntu.

Step One: Go to the folder /etc/php5/apache2 [make sure you have root permission]

Step Two: Open your php.ini file wit the help of any text editor.
If you are used to with terminal than open it and execute bellow command-
$ sudo gedit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini
give your password and your file should be open.

Step Three: From the file, php.ini find this line-
display_errors = Off
Change ‘Off’ to ‘On’. Be careful about Upper Case. Save the file and exit.

Step Four: Open your terminal and execute this command-
$ sudo service apache2 restart

If you have done all the steps carefully it should work.

Take care and see you soon with another issue.