Bangladesh, a South Asian country, small in size but regionally, politically and economically an influential country, is my motherland. The capital city of Bangladesh is Dhaka, and it’s my habitat too.
Searching for a suitable job is my daily work! Beside this, to be a freelance web designer, I am learning Drupal.
One of My significant identity is “A Person with Physical Disability.” At the age of one and a half years, I was affected by polio. That’s the reason behind my disability.

I am a person with the disability, not a disabled person.

However, I’m a graduate of University of Dhaka in ‘Special Education.’ Special Education is the study about Person with Disability.
As a member of three voluntary organization, I like to work for the society and disadvantaged people. On the other hand, as an advocate of ‘Free Software”, I am working with FOSS Bangladesh as Information and Research Secretary.
I like to collect a different kind of pen and recite the poem. For me, traveling is a part of exploring the Power of Allah. My most favorite trip is the journey by boat, or you can say I am devoted to it.

I like to share my knowledge, experience, and opinion with others, as the can benefit from me. This blog is a small part of that attempt.